How it Works

About Hameeda

Hameeda is a platform that deserves praise. The only platform where vendors and buyers meet, without flaw!

We provide vendors listing platform for businesses in the wedding industry. At the same time we provide a budget planner tool for couples. 

1. Budget Planning Tool

You no longer need the use of Google forms or layers of papers filled in your room to plan for your wedding. 

The budget planning tool is meant to take the stress out of your work through the use of the following modules:

  • Budget control – input a list of all your budget items, costs, and amounts raised for each budget category.
  • Expenses – mark your expenses against each budget category and view automated totals for your expenses. You can easily monitor whether your expenses have exceeded the budget limit set.
  • Vendors – from within your dashboard, get access to numerous vendors listed on our platform for free.
  • Contributions – manage your contributions easily tracking all amounts you have received, pledges made and amounts redeemed.
  • Guests – manage your guest lists, know how many people or households are attending. It’s better to be prepared. Can also be managed from the website section below.
  • Website – from your profile, you can create a simple website to showcase your wedding details: Name, venue, couple story, pictures and a simple form to collect contributions or guests.

2. Business Listing

We provide a localized and geo-targeted listing of businesses based on precise location data and category of service.

All the businesses listed on our website are actively maintained and updated on a daily basis.

General Information

Unless a business is listed, it can not feature under the vendors listing on the couples dashboard.

To list a business on our websites, all  business must have valid contact information, with accurate data on business location, phone numbers and emails.

During the signup process, all the information are verified by our team to ensure the integrity of the platform is maintained.

No business is allowed to register without validation or verification of their contact information.

Content & Copyright

We are keen to monitor the content shared by businesses across all our platforms. Our main goal is to provide useful data for the general users.

By listing on the platform, you confirm to us that all the branding elements, photos, events and any other materials shared is exclusively the property of your business.

User reviews

To improve the authenticity of the businesses listed, individual businesses can be reviewed by users who at one point are/were clients of the business.